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'tis the get engaged?

Yep, as of this time last week, it's officially "engagement season." The holidays - between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day - tend to be a popular time for people to propose to one another, with the most popular day to get engaged being Christmas Eve, or so I've heard. If you Google "engagement season", you'll see it's become a bit of a thing. Here is Jezebel's predictably cranky rant about it, and I quote:
"According to the AP, almost 40 percent of engagements occur during this particular stretch of the year—hence jewelers salivating over potential sales" Add pretty much any other wedding vendor to that drooling mix. Nah, I'm just playing. But seriously, if you get engaged during "engagement season" or otherwise throughout the year, I've got you covered.

The classic - a wedding save-the-date "bookmark" to let folks know you two are ready for the next chapter (get it?). Add a generous helping of nost…
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little by little

Now that I have some child-free dedicated work time each week, I'm slowly but surely updating the shop, revising some listings that were previously offered as DIY files only (I design, you print) and reactivating some more labor-intensive designs I wasn't able to manage while a full-time stay-at-home mom over the past year, like my popular destination wedding airplane boarding pass/ticket suite.

There are still only 8 designs in the wedding invites category and "babies & birthdays" needs a lot of work, but the shop is getting there. I believe I had around 100 active listings before baby #2 was born so I have some work to do. I'm hoping that all listings will be reactivated and/or updated by about the end of March.

I've also transferred over all paper-related products from my other shop MakeryFresh. So now RBG Color Design will offer more stationery, original screenprints, and digital art prints (MakeryFresh will continue to focus on felt phone cases for A…

Jem meets Vice City?

For baby no. 2's 1st birthday this past weekend, I designed invites, favor tags, and thank you notes for a rock star themed party somewhat visually inspired by Jem and the Holograms (since I was thinking rock star theme with a specifically 80s women in rock vibe).

Two different people commented that the graphic design had a bit of a Grand Theft Auto: Vice City feel to it...not exactly the vibe I was going for but I can see the connection in hindsight.

At any rate, the paper goods are in my shop, along with baby no. 2's birth announcement, all to sort of celebrate her first year and my return to a little dedicated work time each week, having been home with her full-time up to this point and trying, unsuccessfully, to get a little work done during naps and after kids' bedtimes. Neither of my kids was/is great nappers and at the end of a 14 hour day I kinda just want to watch a couple of episodes of Girls and hit the sack, you know?

Other than the paper goods mentioned above,…

printing services are back!

In an effort to streamline my business and maximize not only what I enjoy best about what I do (design work) but also the number of orders I can accommodate in what will be a short work-week (three days, Tuesday through Thursday, beginning in February 2014), I've decided to outsource printing (previously handling this myself on my high-end printer). In addition to a shorter work-week for the next couple of years, I'm also out of an office/studio space (that room is now my daughter's room!). Until I find an alternate space in which to spread out a little, either renting outside my home or - my dream, really - having one of these built in my back yard, I'll be laptopping it at home and at coffee shops when my husband and I are vying for space. I'm just not set up to print and assemble more complicated orders right now.

Incidentally, Etsy recently modified/clarified some of its "handmade" guidelines so the timing worked really well for me as I was already re…

goodbye 2011, hello 2012!

Wow, it's been awhile since my last post! Hmm, mid-October...yep, that's right about when things got crazy around here and have only recently calmed down. October was my best month yet as a legitimate business (yay!) and the two months that followed, while slower financially, were busy overall with first winter colds, travel for business and pleasure, and of course, the holidays. I nearly met my goal of making it to 500 sales in my Etsy shop in 2011 (477 as of December 31st - not bad, huh?). My new goal for 2012? To hit 1000 sales! That's over 500 sales in the next 12 months! Think I can do it?  We'll see!

In the meantime, I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite holiday card orders last month, above, as well as the card I made and sent on behalf of my own family.

While we never (okay, maybe a freak dusting every 10 years or so) get snow here in the Bay Area, I went with a snowflake motif this year to coordinate with the envelope liners I bought on clearance two year…

on the road again

But only for a couple of miles.  That's right, the family and business are moving - again - but this time instead of relocating 3000 miles across country (as we did just over a year ago) we're just moving a couple of miles south, to our first house in our beloved Oakland, California!  As a military turned government brat with chronic itchy feet, this will be the first single-family, free-standing type house I've ever lived in.  Ever!  I'm super excited. And super overwhelmed. And super busy. And I have lots and lots of actual boxes that need packing.  But I'm putting packing off and in the meantime, catching up on all sorts of little projects.  Like the designing, printing, trimming, sending out, photographing, and adding to the shop of these little moving announcements, printed on Paper Source's "paper bag" card stock and paired with moss green 4bar envelopes:

Unlike the caterpillar invites blogged about previously, these are available in the shop!  …

a snowflake motif for your winter wedding

After perusing Etsy's Alchemy feature, I decided to design a winter wedding invitation ensemble around a snowflake motif. Even though I have a couple of designs that I think would work well for winter (this star motif in turquoise and brown for example, or the turquoise and red ensemble...maybe without the daisy motif) I didn't have anything that really captured the essence of a winter wedding.  I love the "night" blue paper from Paper Source and thought pairing that with white and silver would make for a really elegant winter palette.

I wanted to keep the design fairly simple and budget-friendly but also, of course, very unique and elegant.  I like the combination of printing graphic elements alongside the more tangible quality of using the paper punches and I think the result (snowflakes in three different sizes and shapes) is complex but sophisticated.  Not to toot my own horn, but yeah, I'm pretty happy with this latest design. Hopefully I've added it to